Rust Cohle, a homage to True Detective

Just finished watching the first season of True Detective and what an amazing show it was. Here is a quick portrait of Rust Cohle, trying to capture some of the darkness.Rust Cohle from True Detective


Scenes from a movie

I happen, sometimes, to draw scenes that seem to belong to a wider narrative, but actually don’t (except, I guess, in my head). To draw the two below I decided to stick to a very simple process: a Staedtler pen for linework and graphite watercolour (ArtGraf) for shading. The result is rainy, gritty and noir, just the way I like it. Oh, and a Kuretake black japanese brush pen, which gives me that exact matte pitch black.



Everyday Circus / 1

Everyday life is made of exceptional performances, so here is one of them: the trusted friend who, upon leaving your house, will take out all your trash. I tried to get that retro look that fits so well for a circus poster.



And here is a quick look at the illustration process:

1 – This is the first line drawing, handmade and freshly scanned.



2 – Now in Photoshop I add colors.


3 – Next, I color all lines to make them disappear. This might seems counterintuitive, but it gives that flat retro look.


4 – And now, final stage: adding all shadows to make the image pop out:




A Vintage Man

So I am trying to get that retro illustration look. This is a first shot: rough, but generally satisfying:

Vintage Man Color Illustration


Most of the accomplishment was to overcome the original lineart (below):

Vintage Man Illustration Sketch